Add a Delivery Guarantee to your OTP Triggers

OTP verification call

What is Verificall ?

Verificalls offers Guaranteed Delivery of one time passwords through voice calls on your customers’ mobiles and landlines to confirm user identity and authorize transactions such as new account activation, account login, bill payment, funds transfer, verification of user registration etc. where trustworthy authentication support is essential.

Online Portals, Mobile Apps, Banks and Financial Institutions can deploy Voice OTPs as a backup authentication method in case SMS is not delivered providing an added layer of reliability and consistency for authenticating users, and safeguarding key transactions.

phone number and transaction authorization

Benefits of Implementing Verificall Services

  • Instant Delivery

    Instant Delivery

    Direct connectivity with telcos provide average Voice OTP delivery time of 2-6 seconds.
  • Automatic Failover

    Automatic Failover

    Voice OTPs are automatically re-triggered through back-up routes in case of call failure to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Integrate API easily into your business system to automatically deliver Voice OTP triggers.
  • Scalable


    SIP trunks provide unlimited concurrent call capacity and automatically scale up based on your needs.
  • Wider Reach

    Wider Reach

    Extend your OTP reach to users not having a mobile number as Voice OTPs can reach both Mobile and Landline numbers.
  • Identifiable


    Voice OTPs can display your own service phone number on the users’ handsets, hence providing credibility and easy call-back option to your clients in case of technical issues.
  • Real Time Delivery Reports

    Real Time Delivery Reports

    Instant delivery reports providing the status of the Voice OTP call can be triggered to your platform.
  • Online Statistics and Reports

    Online Statistics and Reports

    Access detailed online statistics with totals and CDRs for the called phone numbers, their statuses, dates, and time/duration.

Failure to Deliver OTPs Decrease User Satisfaction and Acquisition

Phone Number Verification registration failure

Phone Number Verification

Non-delivery of number verification pin-codes causes registration failures and losses in user acquisitions
Non delivery of authentication


Non-delivery of authentication pin-codes blocks genuine users from achieving their sensitive transactions and damages user satisfaction

Verificall add a Delivery Guarantee layer to your OTP triggers

guarantee layer for OTP triggers
  • Phone Number Verifications
  • Account Logins
  • Hight-value and Sensitive Transaction Authorizations

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