Making a change one SMS at a time

SMS is the most effective, non-intrusive and cost-effective way to communicate with customers. You can create, send and track your SMS campaigns with just a few clicks.

MMG - Merit Message Generator

MMG is used by banks, card processors and large corporations to generate messages automatically.

It is a highly secured software as it is installed within the secured area of the corporation's network and the communication between all its module is controlled by the IT team of the corporation and will push data through a one way communication to the outside world. It is a highly reliable application as it has been developed with a high volume of transactions in mind and has been optimized for minimal stress on the Database. MMG is a reliable easy to use solution for high demanding environments and is the product used for banking and payment card usage notification as well as for corporate automated 2 way communication.

Merit Message Generator
MIM - Merit Incoming Message

MIM - Merit Incoming Message

MIM is used by banks, card processors and large corporations for accepting incoming SMS requests and generating a reply SMS containing specific data to reply to the requested inquiry. In combination with MMG.

MIM allows the banks, the cards processors and the large corporations to offer a full SMS banking and/or service solution to their customers in a secure, easy to implement and affordable way.

Merit for Stock and Forex

MSF is used by traders within financial institutions and trading desks of banks to notify their customers on the real time value of Forex exchange and equity.
It is also used for broadcasting financial news as they come.
It is installed on the trader's PC and connects to any excel worksheet that provides real time data.

The trader will create personalized messages to notify the customers of any relevant information concerning their portfolio.

Merit for Stock and Forex

Merit Messaging System

MMS is an application with a very powerful phonebook used by individuals and corporations to organize their data on their own PC, and it is used by corporations for large broadcasts of a single message. MMS has been tested for broadcasts of up to 5 Million SMS with a single click of a button. The creation of a message is done through a friendly screen and the import of data within MMS is an easy one step process. MMS Software is available online on the website and you can start easily by entering your credentials.

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