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Promocall is the newest way to advertise your products and services to thousands of customers through voice call campaigns. It interacts with callers without input from a human other than the recipient.

promotional call
promotional call dialler

What is Promocall ?

Promocall places calls and accepts bulk imports of telephone numbers, usually from a spreadsheet, database, or other contact management system.

Using secure servers, the system places calls and takes answers. When the system detects a human answer it plays a pre-recorded message created using either a human voice or a typed text to speech message.

  • Promocall detects when the call is answered electronically and can deliver an alternate message. These services can also be known as automated dialing, automated calling service, automated phone calls, phone or call blast services, automated call trees, and phone calling systems.
  • Promocall doesn’t require the purchase or installation of software, hardware, or additional phone lines. Clients save money over traditional communication methods such as printing and distributing fliers, mail notices, bulletins and multiple calls by staff members. It’s an efficient mass calling system that won’t drain your budget.
  • Promocall Service is considered in any situation where a large number of outbound calls or emails are necessary, especially when speed and accuracy are important.
  • Promocall service makes it easy to load contacts, create and save messages, and begin broadcasting. The time savings from using an automated calling service is substantial when compared to traditional communication methods.

Service Highlights

  • Instant Delivery

    Instant Delivery

    Direct connectivity with telcos provide average Voice OTP delivery time of 2-6 seconds.
  • Automatic Failover

    Automatic Failover

    Voice OTPs are automatically re-triggered through back-up routes in case of call failure to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Integrate API easily into your business system to automatically deliver Voice OTP triggers.
  • Scalable


    SIP trunks provide unlimited concurrent call capacity and automatically scale up based on your needs.
  • Wider Reach

    Wider Reach

    Extend your OTP reach to users not having a mobile number as Voice OTPs can reach both Mobile and Landline numbers.
  • Identifiable


    Voice OTPs can display your own service phone number on the users’ handsets, hence providing credibility and easy call-back option to your clients in case of technical issues.

Promocall for Business

Marketers and business owners know well that it’s usually much harder to acquire a new customer than to retain and grow your relationship with an existing customer. A key aspect of customer retention is making sure clients are reminded or alerted to what they consider important. To most all customers that would include appointment and service/maintenance reminders. To many that would also include alerts about discounts on services they regularly purchase. With Promocall for businesses, you can send mass customer notifications.

Automated Reminders Improve Profitability

When customers miss appointments you lose money, which is why so many businesses use automated reminders to reduce no-shows. You can also increase revenue by prompting re-orders and maintenance services, and by alerting customers to special promotions.

Promotional call Automated Reminders
Automated Customer Alerts and Reminders Improve Customer Satisfaction

Automated Customer Alerts and Reminders Improve Customer Satisfaction

A missed appointment or delivery is frustrating for customers who need your products or services. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with automated reminders. Send phone, text or email reminders (any combination) based on the preferences of each customer.

Communicate quickly and easily with your clients, patients, members, students, or employees

Promocall can be customized to suit your needs and delivers voice to contact lists based upon your parameters.
Integrating Promocall into your client communication strategy helps improve loyalty and compliance, decreases no-shows, increases profits, recovers lost revenue and frees up your staff to perform other important tasks.

Communicate quickly and easily with your clients, patients, members, students, or employees

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