Personalized Voice Call Notifications

Notificalls is a Transactional Voice Call service for sending personalized interactive phone call notifications. It's reliable, powerful, and ideal for sending data-driven automated voice calls, including targeted personalized A2P calls.

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What is Notificall ?

Notificalls provides personalized calling to selected phone numbers based on your pre-configured call flows, parameters, and processing requirements, potentially delivering millions of calls per day according to configurable calling schedules and triggers.

When the called party answers the phone, the system passes the call to your pre-designed telephony application to deliver the exact desired message with the recipient-dependent parameters and provide the precise pre-configured behavior.

Integrate Notificalls’ simple API with your WEB or CRM platform in no time.

How it Works ?

Easily create interactive call flow templates with variable parameters such as dates, amounts, numbers, texts, and audios that can be customized for each triggered call.

You may then simply setup call campaigns by uploading the destination numbers and their parameters to our Online Campaign Manager, or use our API to integrate with your third-party applications such as CRM, Web, Subscription, and Notification Platforms for advanced requirements.

  • Personalization

    Trigger call templates with date/number/text/audio parameters to personalize each call with recipient-dependent information.
  • Scheduling


    Specify an exact date/time for when the task should be executed. Can retry failed calls at a later time
  • Import Contacts

    Import Contacts

    Import contact details from a CSV file or copy/paste list
  • Real-Time Control

    Real-Time Control

    Start, stop and pause buttons to control the campaigns in real-time
  • Text to Speech

    Text to Speech

    Provides multi-lingual text to speech feature with different speakers
  • Audio


    Supports mp3 file format


    Supports OPT-Out option

Advanced Notificall Features

DIY Advances Call-Flow Setup

Some call campaigns can simply require informing the recipients about a specific announcement, but the other majority require having sophisticated features such as language selections, multiple menus, and different interactions.
Creating indispensable advanced call flows with multi-lingual multi-level menus and sophisticated keypad configurations is just a matter of few clicks through a streamline customer designed process on Notificalls.

advanced Call flow setup
Direct Call transfer

Direct Call Transfer

Directly connect your customer with your sales agent as soon as he’s ready to purchase, or with your helpdesk for further information, or with an external call center for special call handling whenever needed.
Notificalls features ongoing call transfer to any IP or phone number for call continuation with a human agent, mostly essential for product update, mass emergency, and sales campaigns.

Rebound & Callback

Reaching back the recipients who were unable to pick-up the call is crucial; Notificalls benefits from 2 features against losing the reach in such cases:

1- Retry mechanism which will set the system to retry calling the recipient again at a later time if the call was not picked-up
2- Callback option which sets the system to trigger a call to the recipient if he calls back the number that showed on his phone when he missed answering the call.

Rebound & callback
Vital in-call stats & reporting

Vital In-Call Stats & Reporting

Capturing and viewing the feedback and interactions of your reached audience is by far the most essential tool to enhance your business.
Notificalls offers a statistics & reporting interface showing the call duration of each of the reached users, as well as each of their interactions, selections, and downloadable recorded messages, and can be exported in universal formats to be used in any CRM or general reporting system.

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