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Merit Mobile Smart-Link?

The "Merit Mobile Smart-Link" page is an attractive and efficient Mobile Marketing solution for interactive SMS flyers that allows an easily and intuitive design as well as data and leads collection (we can provide the advertiser with the mobile numbers that clicked on the link).

One of the benefits of SMS communication is that recipients can be directed straight to the content of the link. "The Smart-Link application" has all the tools to help you incorporate and manage links, and analyze the behavior of recipients.

SMS Mobile Smart-Link by Merit: The Smart-Link application is one of the most useful factors in order to be more successful in your SMS marketing campaigns. It involves including certain URL in your SMS so that users can visit your page from the message itself.

What Are The Benefits of Using the Merit Smart-Link ?

It is a page specifically adapted for browsing from mobile phones. Think that when sending a SMS, users will access it from their mobile devices. Therefore, the landing page that receives them will have to be in perfect condition to navigate through it. And be visually attractive so that users do not leave it.

It is also worth noting the great effectiveness of this method. On the one hand, everyone uses their mobile phone every day, and purchases and navigation from these devices do not stop increasing. And finally, the SMS is a medium in which advertising has not yet been exploited, so the public is not immunized against it.

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Use Drag & Drop to Build your Campaigns

The advertisers can choose images from their libraries and drag them to the template, Insert titles, descriptions and interactive actions as per their needs: phone number, email, map, video, SMS.

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  • Build Website Instantly

    Build Website Instantly

    Use widget available on sitebuilder and choose whatever suits best your campaign.
  • Track visits

    Track visits

    Real time monitoring of number of users that visited your campaign including their phone numbers
  • Form Report

    Form Report

    Add a form widget to your campaign and get a report of all users that submitted the form including the submitted data
  • Rsvp Report

    Rsvp Report

    Add a RSVP widget to your campaign and get a report of all users that submitted the rsvp including the chosen answers
  • Instant SMS

    Instant SMS

    Send a SMS to your chosen numbers directly from the campaign as soon as you finished building it
  • Multiple Campaigns

    Multiple Campaigns

    Manage multiple campaigns inside one account and use whatever you want anytime you want
building website page

Building your hyperlink campaign using drag and drop widgets

website visits statistics

Find out how many people visited your hyperlink including their numbers

rsvp results

View results of multiple answers question and who submited the results

submitted form results

View who submited any form available inside your campaign and there answers

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